PinVault & Fountain Square Pinball Classic

The PinVault

Located in Fountain Square in The Murphy Arts Center
1043 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46203

The PinVault is a pinball collective started by a bunch of friends who wanted a place to play and work on their machines. As luck would have it they found a vault. So they filled it with the darn things and decided to make it available to the public each First Friday of the Month.

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Current Game Collection:

Dr. Who
Johnny Mnemonic
Fish Tales
Xs & Os
Dr. Dude
Swords of Fury
Laser Wars

The Fountain Square Pinball Classic

In 2011, Indianapolis was a pinball wasteland. The only places that still had pinball machines were the seediest, dirtiest bars, fanned out around the edges of town in shanties doubling as watering holes. There, the few remaining relics gathered dust and cigarette ash, most of them in complete disrepair, machines handled as lovingly as the interior design of the musty dives that housed them.

To a group of pinball enthusiasts, it was a depression that needed addressing: Indianapolis deserved a place to play a bunch of functional pinball machines, in a spot that wasn’t necessarily a suitable Hell’s Angels hideout.

But we didn’t have the money to start our own place. And it wasn’t that we really wanted to abandon our careers to pursue it. It was still a hobby, after all. So, how could we make our vision a reality? Well, we did have La Margarita.

Thus the Fountain Square Pinball Classic was born:

“Let’s find as many machines as possible and put them in the restaurant for a day and go wild.”

That was five years ago.

What started out as a selfish pursuit to wrangle as many well-kept pinball machines and drop them in our dining room so we could flip our brains out has evolved into Indiana’s largest single-day pinball party.

Its progress and continued evolution into a more competitive, well-run event is owed to our amazing friends near and far who share our passion for pinball. This year we hope to continue to build on the lessons we’ve learned and the successes we’ve had.

Join us on Saturday, November 12th, at La Margarita in Fountain Square, as we celebrate a half-decade under the influence of Indiana’s largest single-day pinball party.

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